Anne H. Putnam is a freelance writer and editor living in San Francisco – her memoir, Navel Gazing, was published in the UK in 2012 by Faber&Faber.

Anne’s literary pursuits in the UK and abroad are currently represented by Caroline Hardman at Hardman&Swainson (you can contact Caroline here).

Care to get more personal than that?  Just keep reading (and, hopefully, eventually buy the book)!

Anne on the filbert steps

What’s in a name: those of you who studied the Salem witch trials in school may have read a little Arthur Miller play called The Crucible, in which is featured an especially hideous character named Goody Ann Putnam.  If you haven’t ever read the play, I recommend it, as it’s brilliant – it also may help certain confused (and sometimes snarky) folk understand why I added the ‘H’ to my name.  Four years of my middle school classmates addressing me as ‘Goody Putnam’ was plenty; it was time for a change.

Likes: animals, baking, seeing movies at the theater (that’s a serious indulgence these days!)

Dislikes: severe allergy to animals, tendency to gain weight at the mere sight of baked goods, having to wear glasses to see a subtitled film.


Navel Gazing:

A memoir about what happens when turning your insides around doesn’t turn your world upside down.

When I was barely 17, I underwent Gastric Bypass surgery; in the subsequent year I lost over 100 pounds.  Nine years later and ten sizes smaller, I’m still facing down the monster in the mirror, and I’m finally starting to understand that just because the body changes doesn’t mean the mind (or the world) will naturally follow suit.

Straightforward, honest, and oftentimes shameless, Navel Gazing is the no-holds-barred story of one woman’s physical and mental journey from morbidly obese to unpleasantly plump, with all the stops along the way: the funny, the painful, and the downright awkward.

.   .   .

I’m delighted to announce that Faber&Faber have acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to Navel Gazing!  Suffice it to say, I’m beyond thrilled to be working with such a reputable house and to be collaborating with so many clever and lovely people.

UPDATE: Navel Gazing has now been released!  You can buy the book on Amazon.co.uk or Foyles.co.uk or Waterstones.com or in your favorite local bookshop.  Thank you thank you thank you to everyone at Faber and Hardman&Swainson, and to all of you new readers out there who regularly make my day with your feedback and discussion!

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To read the excerpt of Navel Gazing that was published in the 2011 City University Creative Nonfiction Anthology, click here.

For a more in-depth dig through the workings of my post-GB mind, check out my body image blog, My Earlobes Still Feel Fat.

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