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Editorial Services

Please note: I will be on maternity leave from both my day job and my various freelance commitments, including editorial work, from April 2022 to September 2022. I will check back in on September 30th and either extend this sabbatical or (if, by the grace of the universe/my infant, I have the time) reopen to inquiries. Thank you for understanding!

I have extensive experience editing in various capacities for a broad range of clients, including copy-editing and proofreading frontlist titles for Bloomsbury Publishing and in-depth developmental editing for independent authors. I’m thorough and detail-oriented, but still able to pull back and see the forest for the trees. (I’ll also look out for cliches like that one!) I love working with other people’s words – it’s so much more fun than wrestling with my own, and the distance I have gives me the clarity to cut through author angst and get right to the heart of a manuscript’s issues.

In addition, I’ve been writing in various voices, to a range of audiences, for over ten years. In addition to my bylined work and my day job in content writing, I’ve ghostwritten thought leadership pieces in the branding industry, researched and drafted informational articles about a variety of women’s health topics, and created copy for client websites.

For projects not listed below, please email me with a rough overview of the current state, goals, and deadline of the project you have in mind and I will get back to you as soon as possible (I aim to respond within 24 hours).

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Standard Editorial & Coaching Packages

Three Pitches: Over Google Docs and a one-hour Zoom call, I’ll help you refine three article or essay ideas into clear, immediate pitches with clickable headlines that editors will want to commission. I’ll also give you 1-3 places to pitch each idea and advice for finding more editor contacts. Price: $180. Expected turnaround: two weeks from payment.

Editing the Essay: When one of your pitches gets commissioned and you’re worried you’ve oversold your abilities (don’t worry – that means you’re pitching correctly!), I’ll be here to help you with your draft! We’ll work together in Google Docs to get your ‘first’ draft clean and clear, so you can wow your editor and lock in future commissions. Price: $150-350 (depending on scope and length of essay). Expected turnaround: two weeks from payment.

Query Letter: So you wrote a book (nice job!), but now you’re balking at the 300-word letter you need to write to try to land an agent? I know it seems absurd that the query letter would be harder to write than the whole damn book, but this is a common experience and I’m here to help! I’ll leverage my years of experience writing and rewriting my own letter, as well as helping other authors revise theirs, to distill your book to its most delicious essence and get that across in clear copy that will have agents requesting pages. Price: $175. Expected turnaround: two weeks from payment.

Three Chapters Edit: The other thing agents want to see before requesting your full manuscript (and/or proposal)? Pages. They want to know you have the writing chops, in addition to a marketable concept. Often, agents will ask for your first three chapters along with your query, and those pages need to be as close to perfect as possible – if you’re sending a proposal, it might be your first, last, and a middle chapter instead. Either way, I can help you polish those pages until they gleam. Price: $500, Expected turnaround: three weeks from payment.

Full Developmental Edit plus Light Copy Edit: I’ll read the manuscript carefully with an eye to the overall structure and narrative arc as well as writing strengths and weaknesses – I’ll also suggest some minor copy edits to improve flow and correct any grammar/spelling/syntax issues. At the end of the process, you’ll get a 5-10 page letter outlining your ‘to-do list’: the edits I’m suggesting to improve the structure and flow of your book and create a more seamless reader experience. Price: $2,500-3,500 (depending on manuscript length). Expected turnaround: six weeks from payment.

Book Coaching and Accountability: This is a rare hourly service, intended for those of us who just need someone on our side, to talk through sticky plot points or take an amorphous idea and turn it into a pitch or just crack the whip on us when we’re dragging our feet on a revision. I can book these one-hour Zoom calls as individual meetings or regular weekly/biweekly/monthly meetings – that’s up to you. Price: $100/hr.

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“Anne is a pleasure to work with. She is smart, efficient, affordable and communicative.  She is a very talented editor and is able to maintain the authors’ voice while editing the content. My work is much cleaner and better received because of Anne’s amazing feedback. Highly recommended!”

Amy Kelly, MFT

“I would highly recommend Anne’s editorial and copywriting services. Anne provides helpful comments on both form and substance. She is fastidious when it comes to grammatical rules and sentence structure. In particular, Anne is laser-sharp when it comes to using proper words, e.g. lay/lie, every day/everyday, their/they’re/there, who/whom. Additionally, Anne gives constructive feedback on how to structure sentences and paragraphs to effectively communicate your point. She is speedy and professional.”

Rachel F.