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I never thought I’d wish to be in L.A.

The NYTimes has an article today about a photography exhibit in Los Angeles that’s all about beauty and the different ways it’s defined in our society.  And I really want to go.  I’ve always loved photography, and of course I’m always interested in the ways artists open society up to discussions of social pressure and expectations, but this is especially intriguing to me.  Something about the presentation of beauty from so many different angles, without comment – just images – seems so…conversation-starting, I guess.

That’s one thing photography has over words: the ability to present a question without necessarily showing the artist’s own opinion on the subject.  I love that, and that’s why I wish I could be in L.A. for this exhibit.  If you’re there, and you have the time/desire to go, please do let me know what you think.

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