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Why You Need to Make Time for “Mindless Making” – Week&, 2023

I Went on a Course Teaching Vanilla People to Be Kinky – Here’s What I Learned – Cosmopolitan UK, 2022

Scheduling Sex Is Pretty Common, Actually – BuzzFeed Reader, 2021

How to Fly Internationally Even if You’re “Too Fat” – Fodors, 2021

Scheduling Sex Felt Strange & Vulnerable — It Also Helped My Relationship – Refinery29, 2021

How To Update Your Wardrobe When Your Size Has Changed – The Good Trade, 2021

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I Thought I’d Conquered My Disordered Eating — Then I Got Pregnant – HuffPost Personal, 2022

My Deepest, Darkest Secret – Heartland Society of Women Writers, 2022

The Last Poem I Loved: “In Defense of Our Overgrown Garden” by Matthea Harvey – The Rumpus, 2021

Nobody Cares What You Have to Say—That’s a Good Thing – Catapult, 2021

How Anxious Is ‘Anxious Enough’ For Medication? – The Good Trade, 2021

Sure, Time Heals All Wounds, but It Doesn’t Work Alone – Clerestory, 2021

My Belovéd Monster and Me – Moments Between, 2021

Bringing My Lockdown Body Into the Light – The Curiosity Club, 2021

One Size Fits Most Hurts Us All – The Good Trade, 2021

Does Your Revision Process Need More Taylor Swift? – Catapult, 2021

The Illusion of Closure – Heartland Society of Women Writers, 2021

Who We Used to Be – PS I Love You, 2021

Never Not in Love – HerStry, 2020

The Sunk Cost Fallacy of Life and Love – A Practical Wedding, 2018

Adulthood, Round Two – A Practical Wedding, 2014

Social Rehabilitation and the Sometime Significance of Selfies – A Practical Wedding, 2014

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Things My Therapist Says That Reveal Her Deep Desire to Be Best Friends – Slackjaw, 2021

Product Release: GE Mantis™ Hyper-Detailed Sonogram Technology Can Detect Details of Fetus’s Body and Soul – Greener Pastures, 2021

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Holes – Stonybrook Fiction Contest HM, 2007


Navel Gazing: One Woman’s Quest for a Size Normal Faber & Faber & Audible, 2013